Early college credit is defined as a course through which high school students can receive postsecondary institution course credit and includes dual credit courses, dual enrollment courses, International Baccalaureate courses, Advanced Placement courses, and courses with articulated credit with a postsecondary institution. Early college credit courses serve as a key strategy employed in Illinois’ expansion of career pathways. (Source: Illinois Career Pathways Dictionary)

The data used for this dashboard is sourced from the Illinois Report Card public data set. Students should only be counted once in the overall enrollment total, however, there are a few districts with enrollment discrepancies. As with any data measure, there are some limitations. (Source: Illinois Report Card, 2023)

Missing data within the dashboard can mean:

  1. the data is truly missing because the school or district did not report the information, or
  2. the value of the data was too small a number to report (i.e., less than 10).

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