Northwest Educational Council for Student Success Pathways Serve Students

Culinary Arts Pathway Serves Up a Learning Buffet

The Culinary Arts Career Pathway offers District 214 students the opportunity to explore careers in food preparation, service and management through a combination of classroom courses and work-based experience in professional kitchens throughout the community. 

Like all Career Pathways, Culinary Arts begins with the fundamentals. “Every single class starts with safety and sanitation,” said Elk Grove High School culinary instructor Erin Ludewig, explaining that these lessons establish the foundation for everything that follows. In Foods 1 and 2, students earn the basic safety certification, solidify knife skills, and study measurement, conversion, and basic recipe prep—all skills that carry over into actual jobs. For example, Elk Grove High School senior Martin Lopez says he has already used the measuring conversions that he memorized in Foods 1 and 2 for his job at Panera Bread. Read more…

Education Pathway Winds Through Classroom Experience

High School District 214’s Career Pathways are designed to prepare students for success beyond high school by supporting their interest in a particular field or by pointing them in a different direction. For Wheeling High School senior Stephanie Tadda, the program confirmed her decision to pursue her dream. Almost from the day she walked into Wheeling’s preschool program to teach after completing her Foundations of Learning and Development course, she knew that her future would lie in teaching. Read more…

More Updates

ICC Awarded Good Jobs Challenge Grant

Illinois Central College, Bradley University, and Eureka College, along with 40 community partners, will receive once-in-a-generation funding of nearly $15 million to develop 1,000 skilled IT employees over the next three years.

East St. Louis Celebrates Class of 2022

East St. Louis HS’s Class of 2022 has has earned a combined total of over $29 million in scholarships and two graduates also earned their associate degrees while in high school.