Policy Committee

Launched in December 2022, the Success Network’s Policy Committee provides space for local practitioners and policy leaders to collaborate and learn from one another, elevates local practice to inform state policy, and supports local practitioners to take advantage of policy windows. The Policy Committee is composed of a range of education, workforce, community-based organizations, advocacy groups, and state agency stakeholders spanning the P-20 pipeline.

What do we explore with the Policy Committee?

The Policy Committee focuses on new and emerging education and career policy efforts, including (but not limited to) issues around:
  • College and career pathways
  • Work-based learning
  • Early college credit
  • Transitional instruction
  • Postsecondary transitions

Additionally, members share about promising local practices, engage with data, identify and advance emerging policy priorities, and identify opportunities to scale innovative policy in the field.

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Upcoming Meetings

Full Committee
June 5, 2024
9–10:30 a.m.
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Full Committee
September 25, 2024
9–10:30 a.m.
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Full Committee
December 11, 2024
9–10:30 a.m.
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Data Deep Dive
January 2025


Memo on Transportation-Related Barriers to Work-Based Learning Access

The Policy Committee convened a workgroup to explore work-based learning transportation challenges and has published the first of two memos, which shed light on the significant transportation-related barriers students face in accessing work-based learning opportunities. This resource identifies and analyzes challenges impacting in-school youth at the school district, local, and system levels.

Meeting Archive

View the YouTube playlist of meeting recordings or select a date below to view the recording and resources.

The Policy Committee Meeting on March 20, 2024, included a walkthrough of the Success Network Dashboard's new early college view and updated functionalities, the proposed budget, and emerging legislation.
At the 11th annual Success Network conference, the Success Network Policy Committee shared the past year's college and career readiness policy updates and highlights.
The 2024 Data Deep Dive reviewed secondary measures and postsecondary transition data from the updated Illinois Report Card.
The 2023 Q4 convening included data highlights, key policy updates, and a look forward to 2024.
At the 2023 Q3 convening, Evanston and River Bend shared their work to implement the PaCE framework, and the committee reviewed the new Career Pathways Dictionary, and discussed dual credit updates.
The 2023 Q2 convening included Vermillion County presenting on dual credit partnerships and an introduction to the new Success Network Dashboard.
The 2023 Q1 convening discussed emerging legislation and promising work.
The 2023 Data Deep Dive reviewed secondary measures and postsecondary transition data.
At the first meeting of the Success Network Policy Committee, topics included Illinois Report Card data, key policy changes from 2022, and a discussion of policy priorities and promising local practices.