McLean County

Leadership Community

Initially, Mclean County Community COMPACT, a subsidiary of the Mclean County Chamber of Commerce, served as the intermediary for the region. In 2023, ROE 17 took over as the intermediary. The ROE advocates for education and provides positive leadership in DeWitt, Livingston, Logan & McLean Counties.

Lead Intermediary Organization

Regional Office of Education #17


Mark Jontry, Regional Superintendent
DeWitt-Livingston-Logan-McLean Counties

Areas of Expertise

  • Collaboration
  • Capacity Building
  • Innovation

Prioritized Focus Areas

Based on survey feedback and existing shortage areas, in 2023 the focus sectors were re-arranged under a H.E.A.T. acronym to better capture all the sectors of focus in McLean County.

  • Health Sciences
  • Education, Emerging Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Agri-Business
  • Technology (Information)

Key Successes

  • Conducted an employer needs assessment in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce
  • Assessed Clearinghouse data to inform the next steps for county workforce initiatives tied to K-12
  • Planned 10th-grade Career Expo to be conducted in spring 2024

2-Year Goals

  • Continue developing additional resources for the website
  • Continue supporting College and Career Connections events
  • Continue supporting 8th Grade Career Expo with Bloomington Area Career Center
  • Establish and support a 10th Grade Career Expo with Bloomington Area Career Center
  • Develop and conduct H.E.A.T. awareness events for businesses and non-profits
  • Develop and distribute an internship guide for employers to serve grades 9-12
  • Expand competency-based learning opportunities in partnership with businesses

Community Updates

COVID-19 Resource Website Launched

To support communities during COVID-19, the McLean Chamber of Commerce, which serves as the backbone organization for the McLean County Leadership Community, has developed a new, jointly-sponsored website with resources for community access.

McLean County Update: December 2019

2019 was a busy year in McLean County. They piloted Becoming BN, developed the Education to Employer Summit, launched the Essential Workplace Skills in partnership, and continued work with the College and Career Pathways Endorsements.

McLean County Update: September 2018

Over the last several months the McLean County Compact action teams have developed a logic model that outlines resources, activities, products and outcomes related to joint goals, including the 60 by 25 goal.

McLean County Adopts 60 by 25 Goal

In McLean County, over a dozen education, employer, and community entities adopted the 60 by 25 goal and have made it part of their strategic planning toward workforce development.

McLean County Embarks on Strategic Planning to Support 60 by 25 Goal

The McLean County Leadership Community effort is utilizing existing structures to promote the 60 by 25 goal, while embarking on a comprehensive strategic planning process that will help it to streamline and leverage its education to careers efforts more effectively.