Student Advisory Council Welcomes New Members

In October 2022, the Success Network welcomed seven new members to the Student Advisory Council. Meet Jeremy Avan, Cecelia Fumo, Jozlyn Mahnesmith, Aline Niyogusenga, Sestina Oduro, Tristan Poplous, and Qi Zhang!

Jeremy Avan
East St. Louis Sr. H.S.
Class of 2023
I have made changes in my school by effectively communicating with higher-ups and voicing the opinion of my peers. Within my community, I have managed and helped several non-profit organizations, putting together clothing giveaways, community baby showers, and care packages for the homeless.
Cecelia Fumo
Auburn H.S.
Class of 2024
As captain of cross country, I communicate with the team daily to create schedules and coordinate with our coach, but also to create a comfortable team environment (my favorite part). As a part of the SSAC for RPS 205, I am communicating with all students in the district to report to the board and recommend policy. I am also a passionate volunteer leader and coordinator for Rockford Promise to provide RPS students with free higher education.
Jozlyn Mahnesmith
Jozlyn Mahnesmith
Rockford East H.S.
Class of 2023
I demonstrate leadership in TRIO Upward Bound because no matter how many people are in the program, I try my best to interact with and ask about thier life at the appropriate time.
Aline Niyogusenga
Rock Island H.S.
Class of 2023
I participate in Student Council, Student Ambassador, Cultural Appreciation Club, National Honors Society, and African American Heritage Club. All these clubs and organizations help me to be a leader not only in my school but also in my community. They allow me to help people from different backgrounds and keep a smile on everyone's face.
Sestina Oduro
Southland College Prep Charter H.S.
Class of 2023
As the oldest of three girls whose parents are constantly working, I’ve had to step up my game in making sure I’m involved with my siblings' lives. In addition to the responsibilities from school, church, volunteering, etc., I have to assist with homework, chores, and any social-emotional help they may need.
Tristan Poplous
Danville H.S.
Class of 2026
I've demonstrated leadership in school by guiding a number of students in the right direction whilst in class, helping and supporting them with the tools to succeed in the class.
Qi Zhang
Adlai E. Stevenson H.S.
Class of 2025
Spreading a healthy lifestyle across my community is one of my prominent passions. As a leading member of Catalyst Club’s Policy and Legislation committee, I’ve significantly committed to leading and supporting positive changes. For example, I organized and led a 90-minute presentation. I spoke in front of members of the Vernon Hills village board on the ban on flavored tobacco and supported my peers while they were presenting.

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