Student Encourages Other Youth to Consider Careers in Healthcare

Diana Edmonds has always known she wanted to be a nurse and she is actively on the path towards her goal. Between her junior and senior years at East St. Louis Senior High School, Diana was awarded the Dr. Helen Nash High School Internship for Excellence in Healthcare. This paid internship was created in memory and honor of the lifelong commitment of Helen E. Nash, a pediatrician who broke racial barriers to become the first black physician at St. Louis Children’s Hospital in 1949.

Diana Edmonds

Diana earned the coveted Dr. Helen Nash High School Internship for Excellence in Healthcare position based on her application (including references, personal essay, resume, and transcript) as well as an in-person interview. She competed against other applicants across the St. Louis region.

Diana participated in the paid, four-week internship in summer 2018 with BJC Healthcare. She experienced departmental rotations through Strategic Planning, Nursing, Pharmacy, Advocacy/Outreach, Physician or Scientist, Radiology, and Therapy. Diana proved to BJC School Outreach that she possessed a positive attitude, willingness to work hard, patience in a complex environment, and confidence to take initiative.

Based on her outstanding performance, BJC Healthcare asked her to return as a Patient Care Tech on the NICU floor and offered her full-tuition reimbursement at St. Louis Community College, Forest Park Campus to complete her prerequisites for Nursing School. She will then transfer to the Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College for her BSN degree.  

Diana was also a student speaker at the 6th Annual Illinois 60 by 25 Network Conference. She has been mentored by East St. Louis School District CNA Coordinator Stephanie Tate-Patterson.

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