Making Opportunities Real for Everyone in the Mississippi and Rock River Regions

The Sauk and Mississippi Valley region stretches from Dixon, IL to Clinton, IA. Through school, industry, and business partnerships, professionals collaborate to bring opportunities to students and employers. Regional partnerships formed to create a manufacturing multi-craft program that connected HS/college students to paid internships while attending school. Partnerships continue to support each other and expand opportunities for students in dual credit, internships, agriculture expansion, business/professional skills training for high school students, manufacturing day/week tours and hands-on activities, career planning with employer support, and creating an education pathway. The multitude of partners supporting the region has allowed the rural communities to work together and support each other. 

Lead Intermediary Organizations

Whiteside Area Career Center, Sauk Valley Community College, Morrison Tech, Sauk Valley Chamber of Commerce, ROE 47, and area school districts

Community/Region of Focus

Northwest Illinois’ Mississippi and Rock River Regions

Areas of Expertise

Prioritized Focus Sectors

Key Successes

2-Year Goals

Community Updates: