Greater Peoria Piloting Talent Pipeline Management Process

The Regional Workforce Alliance in Greater Peoria has been busy implementing a holistic approach to mapping its regional talent pipeline to gain a more comprehensive view of their workforce skills and potential gaps that exist. The group has identified the Talent Pipeline Management process (a best practice from the Regional Chamber of Commerce) as a key strategy in gathering this data by placing employers in the center of workforce development conversations so their voices are heard. A designated convener is gathering employers for conversations to gather confidential data and conduct a holistic analysis of the region’s talent pool and workforce needs (connecting educational institutions, employers, and potential employees as a byproduct).

Greater Peoria is piloting this process with manufacturing as its first industry. The group has conducted a first round of surveys and initial conversations to assess current and future employment trends and is in the process of analyzing the data gathered. The data will be presented to manufacturers and training providers and a report made available to the public.

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