River Bend CUSD #2 Presents on How Work-Study Programming Supports College and Career Readiness Indicators at the Illinois School Board Convention

Dr. Darryl Hogue, Superintendent of River Bend CUSD # 2, and Robert Gosch, Principle of Fulton High School, presented at the Illinois School Board Convention on program options that exist at River Bend Schools for high school students to complete authentic work opportunities. Not only does the district provide work-study placements for two-thirds of its seniors, but Fulton High School has also helped IEP students get transitional work opportunities throughout their senior year. Many of the transitional placements end up as full-time employment upon graduation. Fulton High School has also used its Steamer Suite, a suite above the gym for private events. Culinary arts students cater, business students book and manage the events, industrial art students have built some of the furniture in the room, and media publication students promote the room. The art students have pitched a plan for painting the space. Fulton High School and River Bend CUSD #2 support authentic work experiences and aim to weave opportunities in their students’ experiences.

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