McLean County 60 by 25 Network Collaboration Grows, Hires Coordinator

The McLean County 60 by 25 Leadership Community team has had a very busy and productive fall season. Fifteen collaborative entities are now formally involved in strategic planning regarding the 60 by 25 goal. These include school districts, higher education institutions, and not-for-profit community agencies. Coming soon are shared activities and products along with joint metrics for impact.

The McLean County 60 by 25 Network collaboration is thrilled to have completed the interviewing and hiring process for a workforce development coordinator. The coordinator will begin work in early February 2018.

The collaboration is in the process of consolidating the McLean County Community COMPACT (a 501(c)3 entity dedicated to college and career readiness) and the BN Advantage Workforce Development Task Force. Formerly, these two organizations had met separately but with overlapping membership and goals. Through the Leadership Community strategic planning process, it became clear that goal attainment would be better served by joining forces. Bylaws are being rewritten and committees refined. Committees will include Employer Engagement, Program Development, and Program Evaluation/Process Improvement. The Economic Development Council’s STEM initiative has also been consolidated within the Program Development Committee pathways work. 

Finally, on December 19th the 60 by 25 team will host a focus group to help inform the state regarding preferences for post-secondary “report card” elements. This effort is organized through Education Systems Center at NIU working with the Regional Office of Education #17.

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