Since the Network’s inception, a core tenet has been to focus on opportunities for learning and sharing across communities, which includes our annual conference.

"The Illinois 60 by 25 Network Conferences are a time to drink the Kool-Aid together as a team. The conferences are inherently different than meeting in a conference room and also provide an opportunity to develop trust among partners.”

2020 Conference: Agents of Change

The 2020 Illinois 60 by 25 Network Annual Conference was a terrific success thanks to our many partners and the nearly 240 agents of change in attendance representing 50 communities across the state (and nation!).

With you as our partners we are working together to improve student and community outcomes and moving the needle on Illinois’ 60 by 25 goal. We thank all of our presenters who shared their expertise and experience with attendees. We also want to acknowledge the generous support provided by The Joyce Foundation and Grand Victoria Foundation that made the conference possible.